Jun.6 2008

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Tony has been selected as the #1 wedding photographer in the world by Wedding Photojournalist Association for Spring, 2008!  Out of 2000+ wedding photojournalists worldwide in that organization, I’m really excited, honored, and pleased with the win.  You can only join WPJA by selection committee, and to get ranked on WPJA listings, etc. you must be able to win contests.  Tony placed unprecedented FOUR images, including one first place finish!

Here is a screen capture from WPJA showing Tony’s rank:

We entered images from 3 weddings in the spring, 2008, and we placed an image or two for ALL three weddings!

The winning image is a reception image as the couple, Katie and Nathan, exits their reception.  The reception was at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens (and specifically the Japanese garden).  Here is the #1 reception image:

It was fate. Everything has to be right in order for this image to work – the heart has to be there (the groomsmen drew it earlier), the lighting has to be perfect (it was a 2 pm exit which normally would be bright sunlight, then it will only show the reflection and not the people inside), the guests has to be there, then of course, Katie’s ecstatic expression and pumping of her fists!   When I saw the heart as I walked out to the car, I knew i have to frame Katie within the heart.

I saw her family approaching her from the other side and noticed on the far corner of my eyes that she moved her arms and instinctively click the shutter.

I also placed two images in the top 10 from Nadia and Khalil’s wedding in Austin Texas – they got married on March 15, 2008.  Here are the winners:

#10 in Action category:

#6 in Emotions category:

Nadia planned her wedding to have about 7 hours of reception.  That’s right, SEVEN hours of continuous dancing and partying! 🙂  They also had authentic Persian music, which is what she was dancing to at the time. One more image got placed in the Action category – this is from Kelley and Bruce’s wedding in Austin, Texas on April 12th, 2008.  This is an image of groomsmen trying to catch the garter, winner of #7 in Action category:

Again it was truly an honor to be selected by WPJA.  I was really shocked when I saw the rankings.  It was difficult to place one image on the top 10 (or even the top 20), it was almost impossible to grasp for me that I placed 4 images on the top 10 including a #1 winner in the reception category, not to mention to be able to place at least one image from each wedding I have submitted!   While I am always trying to get images that reflect the personalities of my clients, as well as the atmosphere and the moments between them and their families and guests, I have to thank ALL my clients that make this possible – really, the images won because they allowed me into their personal space and ignored my presence completely – it allows me to get these moments without distractions and i am really humbled by their trust that they place with me.  Thank you all, I am truly, truly, honored to be part of your day!!!

Best wishes,

Tony & Hazel

Ku Photography LLC, Dallas/Austin/Houston wedding photographer

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