Wedding couple: Florencia and Jimmy

Wedding ceremony/reception location:  The Oasis

The Oasis is known for its gorgeous sunsets overlooking Lake Travis:


A hilarious moment in the reception when Sami drops the cake into Flo’s dress.





Wedding couple: Arlina and Jimmy

Wedding Ceremony: Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Houston, TX

Wedding Reception: Maggiano’s Little Italy, Houston, TX

One of my favorite images of the year is the image of Arlina walking into the church with her dad and passes right through a nice shaft of light – the church is so dark that we were literally at the camera’s limitation.  Sure, flash would work but it would totally kill the image and the mood.

A wonderful moment between Arlina and Jimmy on the recessional.


Out of all the moments in the reception, personally I like this the most. It’s simple, just a ride in elevator to the reception where they feel that they’re all alone.


Austin wedding photography and Houston wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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