Dec.5 2010

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While we’re in Dallas for a wedding over Thanksgiving weekend, I received an email from Debbie who is the mother of Amira that we photographed on October 23rd, 2010 in Houston at Rice University.  I read it in detail after the wedding and was really, really touched.  Thank you!  This letter shows what we try to do in each wedding we photograph – that moments are fleeting, and such moments are impossible to recreate once it’s lost.

Here is her letter:

Dear Tony and Hazel,

My husband and I just had the best Thanksgiving ever!   We had the pleasure of watching your slide show with Matt and Amira.  It was so amazing and beautiful.  And the music was great with it, too.

We really appreciate all you did and can never thank you enough.  We knew your pictures would be totally awesome.

If a picture tells a thousand words, you have just told a never ending story of the marriage of Matt and Amira.  And what a beautiful love story you have shown!

They are so pleased and so are we.  I will probably watch the slide show each day for a very long time!

I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for you and the incredible work you do!  We feel lucky that both of you came to Houston on Oct. 23rd.  It was so kind of you to share your talent with us on such a special day.

Thanks again for making my day!


Debbie – the mother of the bride 🙂

Here is one of my favorite photos from the wedding (and quite frankly one of my favorites for the year) – it’s simply a moment between Amira and father during their dance:

477 votesLove!

This moment, like many others, is a combination of just waiting for the expression and little bit of luck.  There was a nice light in the reception, a spot light almost from the ceiling which was much brighter than any other ambient light sources – it was quite blinding and would be a bit difficult to match with flash.  So I had asked them if if they can turn it off – they couldn’t as luck would have it.  Rather than trying to fight the light, I simply kept an eye on that bright spot and waited for a moment to occur.  While I am sure I could have photographed this moment without the light, it simply wouldn’t be as dramatic.  The cool part is – Amira went to Rice U for theatre education, and this photograph and the light reminds me a lot of the type of lighting you’d see on a stage during a play.

I’ll post he wedding in a few days!

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