Albums Lineup for 2009/2010

We offer three album types:

Artisan Book

Artisan Elite


The Artisan Book is a coffee table style book with full color cover.  The dimension is square, 10″x10″ and contains 15 spreads (one spread = 2 pages opened), or 30 pages/sides.  It allows for about 60 or so images.  Here is a sample album:


The Artisan Elite book is the same as the Artisan Book, but instead is 12×12″ in dimension, and 25 spreads/50 pages.  Up to 100 images can be presented in the book.  A comparison between the Artisan and Artisan Elite is shown below:

You can see the difference – the Artisan Elite is on the bottom and is significantly bigger – those 2 inches adds a lot more width to the book.

Both books are high quality with archival inks that rated over 100 years.


Finally, and a new one for 2010, is our PREMIER line of albums – these are the highest end album and starts with a SILK cover.  You have to feel it to appreciate its quality.  The book is bounded with lustre photographic print (the Artisan books are matte prints) or it can even be metallic.  It is the same dimension as the Artisan Elite, at 12×12″ and 25 spreads.  However, it weighs 3 times as much and is nearly twice as thick due to the heavy pages:

It comes with a nice leather box for long term storage as well.

Again, similar to the Artisan Elite, it’s edge to edge printing but the pages are a lot thicker and is on lustre photographic paper.

A closeup of the silk pattern.  The silk covers have MULTIPLE options of color and patterns.

All albums are custom designed by me.  The design process is the following:

1.  You decide whether you want me to select the images or you select the images.  Either way is fine because you have a chance later to make changes.

2.  I design the book, the design is presented.

3.  You make the changes in one round, i.e. possibly substituting the image with something else.4.  I present a final version for approval.  Once approved, the album is sent to the manufacturer.  It will then take up to 1-2 months for the books to come back to us.


The complete pricing on these albums are on our price list which you can access in this blog.

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