Date: June 27th, 2008
Ceremony and Reception:  Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Nick was a classmate of Hazel’s at the University of Texas MBA Program.  When I met them a few months back, it was pretty clear that they were a perfect fit.  Alice knew exactly what she wanted in her wedding photography.  I knew it was going to be a fun one – they have been together for a long time and it’s pretty evident to anyone who has met them.

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is awesome… i mean, a great, great wedding venue – it’s got art pieces all around which makes a good background and ambiance in the reception.

Here is the sneak preview:

I like flowers.. 🙂

Alice has an AWESOME dress!  It has a lot of embroideries and it was rather difficult to find where to bustle it 🙂  Just a funny moment in the wedding when she and her relatives comb through the dress….

Finally Alice gave up and said “I’m going walk like this!”

Didn’t I say the dress is gorgeous?

I have tell a quick story about the following two images.  As I drove up to Dallas to our new apartment in Dallas from Austin, Alice called and went over the last minute of the wedding details. At the end she said “Oh, by the way, Nick cried at the rehearsal!”  I was like “cool!!!”  Didn’t say somewhere that I really like to see the groom cry?  I always try to get the expression of the groom as the bride walks in (everyone pays attention to her, but I always get a few images of the groom before I went to the bride).  I always go to each wedding EXPECTING the groom to cry (that way I will be better prepared to get the moment if and when it comes), even though it only happens in 10% of the weddings.

Basically  if the groom is going to shed tears, it most likely occurs either the moment she walks in, or when she is up at the “altar” such as what you see in the image below (again, what a dress!)  I noticed Nick didn’t shed any tears at the altar but I made a mental note of it.

Well, the moment didn’t happen at the altar but right after the recessional.  Some times I wish the “standard” wedding photography does not include the recessional after the bride and groom has walked out because of moments like this that I might have missed (I always stay behind for the recessional of the wedding party + parents…  but maybe I should change that).  Alice and Nick didn’t have any bridesmaids/groomsmen – so after they walked out, the parents walked out, and i was able to run back and try to get any images of the bride and groom with their parents (usually that’s the best images in the ceremony – it’s after the ceremony :)).

Every wedding has a few defining moments, this is one of them.  It was hard for me to take this frame – I almost shed tears as well when i saw this.  Nick hugging mom, his dad there behind him.  I think Nick was holding back all the emotions he felt at the altar and couldn’t held on any longer.

What does Alice do with the dress after the formals?  We went outside and sat on the grass for a while, barefooted 🙂

I rarely show sneak preview of the first dance unless it’s emotional or different (such as a break out dance by Heather and Drew below).  But here are a few frames from their first dance of the happy couple.

A nice moment in the first dance – the guy behind isn’t my second shooter, but i think the guest worked as hard as I did 🙂

It’s always good to see family members party on the dance floor 🙂

Alice changed into qipao, the traditional chinese dress, at the end of the reception – it ain’t easy dancing in it.

Nick got a job at a prominent American financial company and will be working in Mexico City in a few months, so he and Alice will be moving there shortly. Congratulations guys!!  (Hazel asked me to tell you guys congratulations on your wedding and your new career!!!)

Dallas/Fort Worth wedding photography by Ku Photography

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