What a sweet and fun couple!

Amira wanted to do an engagement session at their new house and then to a nearby park and wanted it to be as natural as possible.

We started off with some reading and some card games on the sofa 🙂

383 votesLove!
367 votesLove!

I think Amira is going to win the card game…

364 votesLove!
384 votesLove!
365 votesLove!
352 votesLove!
368 votesLove!
369 votesLove!
346 votesLove!
368 votesLove!
354 votesLove!
355 votesLove!
376 votesLove!
385 votesLove!
423 votesLove!
358 votesLove!

They’ll get married in October in Rice University in Houston, can’t wait!

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