Date: October 23rd, 2010

Ceremony and Reception:  Rice Memorial Chapel and Rice University, Houston, Texas

Amira and Matt is one of the sweetest couples we have ever photographed.  From their relaxed and fun engagement session to their wedding, their sweet personalities just show right through.   And picking Amira’s alma  mater, Rice University, is a really good decision.  What a great location!

It’s amazing isn’t it, that they met each other online also.

My wife Hazel was able to help me with this wedding and lots of awesome ceremony photos are hers.

Here are a few images from their wedding day:

Amira wore her grandmother’s wedding dress as well as ballet shoes.

The Jewish wedding tradition, the bedeken, takes place right before Amira walks down the aisle.  It involves signing of the Ketubah and Matt actually pulls the veil down on Amira at this time.

Amira circles around Matt 7 times…

LOVE Rice University!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite images of the year:

Another one of my favorite images of the wedding – gotta love their expression of anticipation.

The Horah!

Congratulations Amira and Matt – one of the most friendliest weddings ever!

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