Date: April 25, 2009

Ceremony: Cavalry Episcopal Church in Bastrop, TX.

Reception: Ann Marie’s parents’ house


Two docs in love….

Ann Marie and Joel are two medical doctors graduating from Duke University – I don’t know how Ann Marie managed to plan her wedding, get her MD and PhD all at the same time!  (And watching lots of basketball games too, no doubt…)   We met last summer when they flew out to Austin to meet with vendors.  When we met, she seems really sweet and I thought she was a bit shy, or so I sort of assumed…    You know what they say when you make assumptions, right? 🙂

Here are some highlights from their day:  



There is a story behind this picture but i can’t share it  🙂



She said to her friends from Duke, CATCH!    The reaction shot of her and her sister:

Ann Marie has a huge range of expressions….  and obviously, my assumptions were completely wrong.


Yes, that is a “Duke blue” garter….





Her dad’s expression after he gave her to Joel.



I love how close the families are to the couple – that’s Joe’s dad on the right side looking on – this is the moment AFTER the first kiss:














This is one of the “milder” reception images…  The Dukies can party! 





Congratulations (for both getting married and getting your degrees these two months)!!!!

Bastrop wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography llc, Austin wedding photographer


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