Date: August 30th, 2008
Ceremony/Church: Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Reception: Maggiano’s Little Italy

Arlina was a classmate of Hazel’s at the UT MBA program for the last 2 years in the same “cohort”, so we got to know her and Jimmy quite well. Arlina is now working in Houston (where Jimmy was while she was in school) and they had their wedding in Houston as well.

Arlina enters the church (gotta love that light – it was soooo dark in the church but there was a nice shaft of light right at the entrace and right on Arlina…)

Church is really dark but really pretty 🙂

Jimmy kisses Arlina’s hand – I really like this picture because usually it’s either couple raising their arms or kissing each other on the recessional, but Jimmy has other idea 🙂

This shot is self-explainatory 🙂

The exit..

Congratulations guys! Pictures coming about 3-4 weeks after the wedding…

Houston wedding photographer Tony Ku, Ku Photography llc

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