Date: August 22nd, 2009

Wedding Ceremony/Reception: Occasions at Stone River and at Ashley’s Parents’ home.

Weather:  Your typical August weather in Texas, you know, HOT!!!!!!!!  (over 100F….)

Ashley and Bobby are among one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet.  I still remember the excitement of her voice as I called her on the way back from Dallas to Austin when my wife Hazel was working in Dallas last year.   We finally met with her and Bobby who flew in from Florida in Dallas, TX a couple of weeks later.  Bobby is an active military personnel in the US army (and served in Iraq).

Their wedding day coverage consists of a wedding ceremony/reception, then a break, then a home reception for their family.   It’s actually challenging to photograph a reception at home because if it’s on a dance floor, you have lots of opportunities for great images – at home, you have to work a lot harder to get the moments because there are simply less opportunity to get great expressions/funny moments, etc.   We also took some time for a portrait session of Ashley and Bobby in between the wedding reception and home reception.

Ashley is wearing her mom’s wedding dress.

We love Ashley’s preacher for letting us THIS CLOSE in the ceremony 🙂 99% of the time we can’t get on the altar.

Tears welled up for the guests during the toast…

I got a feeling this might happen 🙂

Looks like the the lady on the right got the bouquet…


As a joke, Ashley and Bobby decides to spray the guests with strings…. 🙂

Usually the typical picture is maybe the bride and groom closing their eyes and the guests are all looking happy throwing them petals.. i love shots like these that are out of the ordinary wedding images where the guests are dodging them and covering their eyes to avoid being sprayed

We spent about 20 minutes at the reception for some pics in different locations (the series below probably took 4 minutes to do, just simple fun pictures):

Swans…. 🙂

Then we drove around in Bobby’s car and trying to find some fields that we can use as background with a nice sky…  They completely opened up when they’re alone by themselves, it’s great – not to mention it’s 100F+ out and they still enjoyed themselves.

In the car she mentioned she has a pair of boots ……

Is it barley?  I dunno 🙂

This is actually in their parents neighborhood….

Congratulations Ashley and Bobby!!  What a fun day!

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