Feb.26 2009

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What a week!  We went from 0 ft in elevation (it is Dallas/Austin after all :)), to 11,000, back down to 0 ft in one week and then I went and attended a photography workshop the next day after in Dallas.  My head still spins and my legs are still aching.

Last saturday we drove 1000 miles to Aspen from Dallas for a week of hanging out, skiing, shooting, sleeping, drinking, etc.  To make a long story short, my wife Hazel won the University of Texas MBA’s raffle ticket at the end of her school year for a week at Aspen.  The raffle tickets were $300, she was only able to afford ONE ticket.  There people in her class that spent probably 30 tickets in a group trying to get it (after all, it IS Aspen…)   The house belongs to one of her friends’ family from school (at the time she didn’t know that). 

Anyway, Hazel invited her friend whose family owns the house, Tatiana, and her boyfriend Ben, and bunch of people and we ended up with a small groups of friends and had a blast in Aspen.

Some photos:

I have no idea what I am doing with this image – #1 Jayhawks, perhaps? 🙂

Hazel is thinking about something while Tatiana is painting….

It’s funny, drove all the way from Texas to check out some boots (with her friend Kate from school as well)

So all of these images are taken in the first day we were there… planning the ski trails, i think, that’s what everyone was doing.


The whole week, for me, goes like this:

Wake up at 8 am, eat breakfast.  Ski from 10 am to 12 pm, lunch.  Ski from 1 pm until 2-3 pm. Back at the house.  Hot tub with Kate, Matt, Hazel, Tatiana, Ben and whoever 🙂

We did take some time off on Thursday to photograph Tatiana and her boyfriend Ben (that will be the NEXT post….).  But pretty much the whole week goes like that.  And as the week goes on, the more painful my legs become.  Matt went snowboarding for the first time with Kate and they were hurting afterwards – if you have ever seen a new snowboarder, well, you either land on your head or on your butt.  I was fairly cautious due to the number of weddings I have in March and April as the wedding season is about to swing into full gear in 3 weeks and only went to some of the blues and the greens.

I have spent all of my time on Buttermilk mountain, out of 4 different areas.  Hazel took a couple of skiing lessons (she’s fairly new) in the week.

The next fun series of pics is Friday when all of us got together to make some dumplings and what not and Hazel’s other crazy friend Kira arrives later in the evening….

So this is basically pyromaniacs Tatiana and Ben trying to start a fire while Hazel trying to get the wrapper going.

Matt wanted a pic of himself making the wrapper so that his mom would believe that he actually did it 🙂

Speaking of pyromaniacs…  Kate is a fire dancer and so she did a show for all of us after dinner (WARNING: don’t do this at home….   Kate is a trained professional)


Kira and Matt shared a moment (and wine)…  (I can’t post it, it’s rated R…. )

Not sure why all three girls got into the same bed….


Funny shirt…  “How’s your Aspen?”

Goofing around in Aspen…

The bear got abused by Tatiana,


Thank you Tatiana, Ben, Matt, Kate and Kira for the fun times… 🙂


Hazel & Tony

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