Date: October 11th, 2008
Ceremony and Reception: Swinging D. Ranch, Allen, Texas

Aurore was a referral from a client of ours last year and we talked over a year ago it seems – we finally met in August of this year, along with Aaron finally.

Aurore arrived a little bit late so they had her all covered up so the guests won’t see her…

Aurore tightening up one of the bridemaids….

This is just me being me 🙂

A humorous moment in the ceremony, only one bridesmaid doens’t seem to get it 🙂

Swinging D Ranch is a ranch off highway 75 near Allen Texas, it’s got horses, etc. roaming around in their neighbors’ backyard. We found this old carriage – and thought about going up on it (but it was too weak to support the weight..

This picture just speaks “Texas” in volumes 🙂

I never quite understand the desire behind catching the bouquet… 🙂

Aaron surrounded by women….

Aurore with the guys….

You know, a wedding is a place where you can see the adults loving the bubbles as much as the kids 🙂

Aurore and Aaron had one of the coolest exit “dance” i have seen this year 🙂 (plus a lot of kisses…. this is one of the few images where they weren’t kissing :))

Congratulations, Aurore and Aaron! Pictures coming 2-3 weeks after the wedding.

Wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC, Dallas wedding photographer

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