Swung by Austin at 9:30 pm tonight to hand deliver a couple of albums to Nehal and Ankur who had a two days Indian wedding celebration at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort last October.   Being a doctor for Nehal and a surgeon for Ankur, they work 15 and up to 24-hour shifts, 7 days in a row, it was difficult to find a time to meet up.  After 2-3 days of trying, we finally all had a time to meet in person in Austin at the lobby of their apartment.   It was great to see them again and to deliver their beautiful 12×12″ Artisan Elite album and a little mini-4×5″ album!

And since Austin is becoming the destination wedding photography location (yes, it’s true!) for many couples, we actually don’t usually get a chance to meet up with our clients after the wedding.  Many couples last year who got married in Austin ends up in Dallas and Houston.  So for many of them, the albums are shipped directly.  I was really excited tonight because I finally have a chance to meet up and show the beautiful works these are.

If you have never designed an album before, it is a very time consuming task – think of it this way – you have to tell your entire wedding day in just 60 photos for a 15 spread album  (they had about 100 because it’s a 25 spread album, but their wedding day images since it’s a 12 hour coverage with traditional Indian ceremony and with LOTs of dancing, ended up  about 1200 delivered).  Picking 100 out of 1200 is not easy.  I have talked with Nehal on the phone, in the email since December – met with her at their apartment to pick the images and then she came in the office to finalize the image selection and album design.   These books have to last for a LONG LONG time, so the selection of the images is critical.

Originally she bought the 10×10″ book at 15 spreads but after seeing the images from her wedding, they have decided to upgrade them to a 12×12″ Artisan Elite album with 25 spreads.  I think we actually ended up running over one extra spread of the large size album so it was 26 spreads total.

One of the newer albums we offer is the little 4×5″ Vertical book…  they are very, very cute!  Here is a close up and the quality is EXCELLENT.  No change in quality when compared to the bigger albums in the same series.

Austin wedding photography album496 votesLove!
521 votesLove!

Love the red motif at the reception.

502 votesLove!

The little album next to the Artisan Elite, her big sister!

503 votesLove!

Looking at the album for the first time, i think they were really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the little one – it’s the exact same quality as the other albums, just smaller 🙂

Couple looking at an album from their Austin wedding519 votesLove!
496 votesLove!
518 votesLove!

Now, looking at the large 12×12″ Artisan Elite book and laughing at the fun dance photo at the end of the reception.

502 votesLove!

Thank you Nehal and Ankur for catching up tonight!!    Best wishes to you both and we hope you enjoy those albums forever!

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