I have a really fun meeting yesterday with a potential client and she mentioned that she saw on my website there was a photo of Wendy’s with a bride and groom leaving it.   It took me a second but I remember what it was immediately and it is one of my favorite images from Vladi and Jeremy’s wedding last year at the Hyatt Regency Austin.

So here it is, a little story about how that photo was taken.

The story is this – whenever I can, I always ride with the wedding party between the ceremony and reception, particularly if there is a long break.  In this case there was at least an hour and a half, so the plan was to go from St Ignatius church from South Austin to the state capitol to get some photos on the grounds, with a possible stop in downtown Austin.

On the way over, people were getting hungry in the car so the decision was made to stop at a local Wendy’s.   So I followed them in:

On route to the wedding reception at Hyatt Regency Austin, Austin wedding photographer stops by at Wendy's.489 votesLove!
You just never know what will happen on a wedding and it’s one of those things – i love unusual (but real) wedding images so naturally I followed them in.   You have a gorgeous bride in an expensive wedding dress and she went to a fast food restaurant, you really can’t  get any better than this.  I went in, saw the chicken sign (maybe i was hungry…), saw the word tender and i just stood there and waited for some moment that makes it tender and there it is.  I sort of wish it said “Chick” instead of chicken, but can’t photoshop, right?
On the way out, I know chances are good they’ll leave the fast food restaurant together and holding hands, maybe.  Ran out side and that’s the image she was asking about:
Austin wedding photographer | Austin wedding photography489 votesLove!

So here it is the story behind the image at Wendy’s.   We did stop by the capitol and took a lot of photos there but didn’t have time for downtown Austin.  In my view, a few images at Wendy’s beats anything in downtown Austin.  We did, however, stop by a park south of townlake (now Ladybird’s lake) for some photo with Austin skyline, but this moment really stood out for me that day.

When you see a couple as relaxed as Vladimira and Jeremy on their wedding day, stopping by Wendy’s to grab a bite, you know the rest of the day is going to be really fun – and it was.

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