I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of a referral group of photographers in Austin.   We have some of the best wedding photographers in the Austin area in our group.

One of the best reasons for being in a referral group (besides referrals of course) is that we get to work with each other and help each other out in an emergency.   The last time I had the pleasure of second shooting for anyone was in 2009 so I was really excited when Pam told me her second shooter can’t make it to her wedding in mid-April.    Why?   When you’re second shooting for someone, all pressure is off, and you get to work on techniques as well as photograph whatever you desire since there is no pressure as a primary.   In this case, I knew Pam very well and know what she wants in terms of the images.

Also, one of my requirements for recommending photographers to our clients that are referred to us for dates we are booked, is that I must have worked with that person in some capacity in the past, and have seen how they photograph and what their photos look like straight out of camera (unedited).   So it is great to work with Pam, Michael and Amelia since we can also refer them weddings for dates that we have booked, particularly from clients that have heard of us from other past clients.  It’s not possible to do that with a random request from a random photographers that you haven’t seen their files straight out of camera.

It also allows me to photograph a few frames with film.   yes, that’s right, FILM! 🙂   Like I said, second shooting allows for new techniques and new ideas to develop!

Another great thing is that while all of us have different style of photography, the approach between us is similar.  We all tend to focus on natural moments of the day.   And we all understand what we need in terms of lighting in the reception.


Here are a few photos that I look – they are processed by Pam as well.  You can see the entire wedding on Pam’s blog:  Horseshoe Bay Wedding by Pam Hults.   Pam’s main website is on:  Hults Photography – a la vie photography


Horseshoe Bay Wedding393 votesLove!


Love her expression:

416 votesLove!


Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding426 votesLove!


Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding Detail407 votesLove!



387 votesLove!

Here is one of the photos that I don’t think I would have photographed at my own wedding due to the time constraints.   Pam was photographing formals and I get to roam around and photograph whatever i wanted.   A little girl at the wedding was playing with the parrot…. 🙂

Parrot at Horseshoe Bay Resort401 votesLove!


And, here are some photos shot with a 1990’s Canon EOS 1 film camera – the colors are definitely different (along with how they look) than digital:

Horseshoe Bay Resort Wedding382 votesLove!


383 votesLove!


376 votesLove!

You can see more of Pam’s great work at her blog!


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