Date: July 12th, 2008
City: the one and only Austin, Texas
Ceremony and Reception:  Vintage Villas

Wedding photography is such an interesting business – it’s art, family history, and Facebook all at once 🙂  It’s art, well, like all photography, it is art based.  Family history – because we preserve and document the moments for generations.  And it’s also "Facebook"-esque, because of the network and connections that people have with each other.

We met Casey back in October of 2007.  She was referred to us by Melissa and Chris who got married on June 16, 2007 in Salado, Texas.   Casey came down to Austin to meet with us and immediately hit it off – since she was living in Dallas at the time, we didn’t get a chance to meet with Nick until their engagement session in May – here is one of the images:

This was taken in the Gingerman, a famous pub in the Warehouse district in Austin.  Austin is really cool this way – I can literally go into any bars or businesses in downtown and do an engagement session (complete with flash, etc.) and usually can get permission to do so from the owner (other cities, you’ll need a permit just to do photography OUTSIDE!)  Anyway, Nick was a bit nervous (most guys are for engagement sessions :)) as we wandered around 4th street so i said "Hey, let’s go inside!"  And bought him a beer 🙂  (I drunk Guinesss too…  i think I photograph better when I have a bit more alcohol in me too) and here is just one of the several images inside that bar.

OK, on to the wedding day…  Vintage Villas is located near Lake Travis in Austin Texas and is one of the more popular wedding places in Austin.  It has a resort type environment so the couple/groomsmen/bridesmaids can have rooms at their ceremony/reception location, which makes getting ready a lot easier to cover.  It was another hot day in Texas.

Sneak preview images:

Casey and Nick have 2 pugs…. here is one of them 🙂

Those two little dogs were crazy 🙂  I kind of wished they would have stuck around and gone down the aisle..   🙂

Speaking of which….  here is a cool image by Hazel.  Right before ceremony…  you know how it goes, the bridesmaids line up to go down the processional.  Hazel shot this with the reflection of the buffet coverings on an often cliche event and created something a bit different….

Alright, I am going to break our standard rules and actually SHOW a formal this time 🙂  (You will not be able to find one anywhere on our site besides this image….) Casey’s bridesmaids wanted to do something fun and I was like "well, do you guys wanna jump up?"  So they took off their pumps and leaped.  Look at the bridesmaid on the right!  She’s got some height!  Rules are meant to be broken, so i broke my own rule of never showing a formal 🙂  WIth bridesmaids like these, you know what’s going to happen next in the reception, right?  (hint)

Nice moments in the first dance.  NIck is such a nice guy and it was great to see him so happy!

There is one word that describe this wedding – RECEPTION!

They had music from 80’s rock bands such as AC/DC, Def Lepard, etc.   I think they were singing to Pour Some Sugar On Me (photo by Hazel).  It feels like high school again!  (Actually this is the type of music that I went to junior high in… i mean, mid-80’s).   I was impressed with Hazel, she just rocked the reception coverage in this wedding – it might be because this will be one of the last wedding she can do with me after she starts her new career at a bank (probably have to travel a LOT) – she stole my light too!

Yes, you are seeing doubles 🙂  The DJ was flashing these strobes, so some of them is my flash and the other one is DJ’s flash…. 

This guy danced at Melissa and Chris’ wedding as well 🙂  This time though he lets his hair loose…

Because of Texas weather (i.e. HOT!) the reception didn’t start until about 8:45-9pm and the wedding ended around midnight.  I always wanted to make sure to stay until the end (it’s actually OK to skip some of the getting ready’s because every now and then, a wedding at the end has the best moments of dancing around), you know, when the guests get REAL TIGHT which makes interesting pictures possible:

A nice moment late in the reception of the happy couple.

These are just some of the "tamer" images 🙂

Congratulations Casey and Nick!  Pictures coming 3-4 weeks after the wedding….

Austin Wedding Photography by Ku Photography LLC (Tony and Hazel)

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