Date: January 16th, 2010

Ceremony:  St Michael’s Catholic Church, McKinney, TX

Reception: Surrey House and Gardens, McKinney, TX

Hazel and I knew Darcie and Tyler for quite a while now.  Hazel received her MBA from University of Texas and attended there from 2006-2008 – and Darcie is the first MBA student that we had dinner with in the summer of 2006 – they met in what’s known as  “Preview Weekend”, where first year students came to Austin for a preview of what life is like as an MBA student and to get know Austin, etc.    As school started for Hazel, she came back the first day and said “Hey, there is a guy at school who is from Kansas, and he’s a fan of KU basketball!!”

Because Kansas is a small state (by population), meeting another Kansas Jayhawks fan in ANY other state is like meeting a family member!  And, as fate would have it, I met Tyler later on that week at what’s known as “Think and Drink” day on Thursdays, it’s an informal event, really, an excuse for the MBA students to get together in a predetermined bar in downtown Austin for socializing and drinking.

Hazel recalled that one day after she sends out one of our latest slideshows to her friends that Darcie said to her “One day when I get married, I’m going to get you guys to photograph my wedding.”

On their story – Darcie and Tyler actually lived in Chicago within 10 minutes of each other and have never met even though they frequented the same places in Chicago.   They’ve finally met each other in business school, in Texas.

Fast forward couple of years, and here we are. 🙂

We felt really privileged to be part of their special day especially since I knew Darcie and Tyler, separately at first, and then together.

The wedding takes place in a really nice catholic church – which by the way, they have no restrictions for us in where we need to be to cover the ceremony!   The reception takes place in the Surrey House and Gardens, which is a historical building near historic downtown of McKinney, TX.   Stacey Allen, of Elegance by Stacey Allen, did a great job planning this wedding.

They were discussing about how her hair resembles Shirley Temple 🙂

Gorgeous dress…

Hazel took these two below:

Nice moment in the trolley between the ceremony and reception…

This is my favorite picture of the whole wedding.  One of the hardest to photograph is to include many elements in the same frame and have them all related and in “order” 🙂  When I saw the women cramming into the sofa, I was really hoping that Darcie and Tyler would stand to next to them and hopefully, getting a picture where she’s having a great expression and with everyone on the sofa having the same expression as well and that was the image in my head before the photograph is taken – that’s one thing about being true to your cardinal rule of never place people or clients where you want them and not manipulate the scene, instead – it just has to happen, like fate (or a bit of luck :)):

The dress is made for dancing…..

Congratulations to Darcie and Tyler!  What a fun wedding!

Dallas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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