Date: October 2nd, 2010

Reception;  Marriott Hotel in Round Rock, Texas

Debbie and Sirish got married in Canada a couple months ago and decided to host an evening celebration for their friends in Austin.  Debbie is a doctor who works in Round Rock and Sirish moved from Canada to be with her.    We also did an engagement session – but due to the international travel, we weren’t able to do it until after they got married 🙂    So maybe we can call it a post-wedding session?

Some of the highlights of the evening:

463 votesLove!
427 votesLove!
394 votesLove!
428 votesLove!
429 votesLove!
392 votesLove!

Sirish’ brother gave him the ring he made when they were were little…

422 votesLove!
424 votesLove!
415 votesLove!
411 votesLove!
408 votesLove!
420 votesLove!
417 votesLove!
425 votesLove!
411 votesLove!
438 votesLove!
426 votesLove!
427 votesLove!
438 votesLove!
430 votesLove!
432 votesLove!
419 votesLove!
398 votesLove!
404 votesLove!
394 votesLove!
419 votesLove!
423 votesLove!
406 votesLove!
395 votesLove!

Congratulations (again! :))  to Debbie and Sirish!

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