This is one of my favorite images of the year.

Ashley got married to Jimmy in June of this year and this is just a photo of a peak moment in the getting ready.   This image shows what wedding photojournalism is.  When someone photographs in the photojournalism style, we don’t pose people and most importantly, we have to gain access to people, just like a photojournalist would have to do in the field.  We have to gain the clients’ trust and the photography part is really, in the end, secondary (i.e. shutterspeed, framing, etc. has to be secondary in order to capture moments).  If you can’t gain access, you can’t get the moment.

I also get asked about this image when I posted the blog back in June from prospective clients about whether we photograph moments like this all the time – we don’t.  Actually, this is completely up to our clients.  If they want us to be in the room when they’re putting on the dress, then moments like these can be captured.  Access, in the end, is the key to interesting, fun, emotionally filled wedding photos.

Image by Austin wedding photographer Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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