Every now and then I’d like to share my favorite images through the year and just go over what my thought process is when I took the picture.  Eventually all of these images will be presented in a slideshow at the end of the year, but right now, I’m posting them whenever I have some time – wedding season for 2009 is winding down (never does seem like it, doesn’t it? in Texas…)

We’ve all seen the proverbial “first kiss” image.  Every competent photographer shoots it.  But what makes this image special to me is the approach itself.  Usually, a typical kiss shot is photographed and then the couple walks down the aisle and that’s that.   However, every now and then, and it’s rare, but every now and then a great moment appears after the kiss – you just don’t know if it will happen or not.  In fact, I was so far away due to church rules that as I clicked through the first kiss, I just kept shooting because you just don’t know if something interesting will happen.

Right after the kiss, Joel, Ann Marie’s husband, kissed her on the forehead.  If I had simply removed my camera because “I had done the typical wedding image”, I would have missed this image.  To me, this image is far more important than the first kiss photo.  It shows love and tenderness between them.

This image sums up a lot of what I wanted to accomplish at each wedding – 90% of the time there will not be anything interesting after the kiss, but I am not after 90% of the typical wedding images, I am after the 10% or less moments that are truly special. I do photograph the 90% of the typical wedding images but what I am really after in each and every wedding, is that rare 10%.

It turns out that Ann Marie loves this image as well, this is what she wrote to me when I asked her what her favorite images from the wedding were:

“Initially, my church was not going to allow photographs. I was upset, and told Tony that I really wanted pictures of at least the main events, like the ring exchange and the first kiss. Part of Tony’s response was “Actually, you can recreate the first kiss. What you can’t recreate is the moment just AFTER the first kiss.” This picture shows exactly why. The church reluctantly agreed to give Tony a small corner angle in the church. After we kissed, Joel pulled me close, squeezed my hands, and kissed my forehead. The priest in black looking on is actually his dad. I love seeing the look of total happiness on his face as he looks on. Somehow, Tony just knows exactly what moments he needs to be ready for, and manages to capture them.”

– Ann Marie and Joel, married on April 25, 2009 in the Calvary Episcopal Church in Bastrop, TX and reception at her family’s private vacation house.

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