Sometimes, the magic moment in a wedding occurs on the way between the ceremony and reception.  The expression of Monica and David says it all.  Their wedding was at the Highland Park United Methodist Church in Highland Park, TX (Dallas uptown), and reception in the Arlington Hall at Lee’s Park.

Monica told me she likes the image so much that it’s on her computer background that she looks at all day 🙂  (it is also used as their album cover)   I love it as well, and that’s why it’s on the first page of our website.  She also wrote:



“I love this picture because it’s one of the only times that David and I were alone after the ceremony – riding to the reception to celebrate with our friends and family.  We just look like we’re sharing a moment and happiness that only the two of us know about.  It’s a very private moment on a day where everyone is watching you.”


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