In 2010, we photographed 31 weddings and delivered 29,219 photos to our clients, not including engagement or bridal portraits.

So when we had the idea of presenting 3 images from each wedding, it became a real daunting task to go through all 30k images.   We knew we had to have some ground rules.  We decided that the majority of the images need to be both bride and groom together, that they’re nearly all moments with a few portraits thrown in.  And, we need to have over 80% of the images with either the bride or the groom in the picture (and limited the number of guests images – so quite a few really crazy and wild reception photos didn’t make the cut).

Still, cutting down from 29219 down to just 93 images and limit them to 3 images for a single wedding was a lot of work.  I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow as much as I enjoyed making it – I can still remember each wedding as if it was yesterday!  Some of these are also my clients favorites – we did a survey last year and will be publishing those shortly as well.

The slideshow ends with one of my favorite reception images from 2010 – and is also appropriate because I want ALL of my brides feel like Jessica and her sister at the end of one of the most important days of her life:

477 votesLove!

A BIG thank you to all of our clients for a great 2010 and best wishes to y’all for 2011!!

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