One of my favorite images from this year was at Ashley and Jimmy’s Wedding in the reception when Ashley tries to toast with Jimmy.  There is a foot of difference between them and this comical moment is when they try to a do a toast and Ashley couldn’t *quite* reach there:


Consequently one of Ashley’s favorites from her day was the following image:


She wrote:

“I love this picture not just because Jimmy is throwing cookies, but because it depicts the fun that Jimmy adds to my life. Of course, there’s way more to the story than that. These cute green bags show how loving Jimmy’s family is towards each other. Tricia (Jimmy’s mom) and his Aunts spent a few days before our wedding baking and packaging Tricia’s famous cookies. The cookies were like gold to our friends and it was a blast watching everyone try and catch them!”


And here is a photo of guests catching the cookies as Jimmy threw them:

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