Date: September 6th 2008
Ceremony and Reception Location: The Oasis, Austin, Texas

In early August/late July I got an inquiry email that reads “Date: 09/06/08 – yeah, i know….” It made me laugh as usually poeple just put the date down. So i replied I was available and the next email I get was “Oh, btw, we’re really goofy” and emailed me a bunch of their pictures online making funny faces on their trips around the world. Sweet! I knew then they’ll fit right in 🙂 Goofy clients with passion for photos are definitely cool!

The wedding is at a famous Austin restaurant that was recently renovated (had a fire about 2-3 years ago as I remember) and the owner decided to use the top two floors as wedding venue – they were known to have great sunsets over Lake Travis similar to other wedding venues around the lake in Austin.

Here is their sneak preview – I tend to focus on different things for sneak previews, so sometimes it’s about getting ready/ceremony, some times it’s first dance, etc.

This picture just kinda cracks me up 🙂

Florencia and the bridesmaids were all talking about this card and I thought for amoment it was a card from Sami, but it was actually just a framed card in the place – the owner of Oasis also owns the furniture store across the street with a huge room, so i am not quite sure why this card was doing there 🙂 Now, THAT, is love…

Getting in the dress….

I like sillhouettes 🙂

This cake rocks!

This has got to be the one of the funniest moments in cake cutting – the groom, Sami, as he was trying to smash the cake, or acting like he was, drop it into the dress and this is the reaction…. i think you can still see a bit of cake sticking out from the dress.

I love Flo’s bridesmaids – they got some awesome expression 🙂

I try to make pictures with layers of “other pictures” – so i’m here taking this photograph, we have Sami and Flo cutting the groom’s cake, the kids photographing them, and the bridesmaids above that I just photographed decide to take a picture of themselves.

twirling dad 🙂

Congratulations to Florencia and Sami!! Complete wedding goofiness and craziness coming in 3-4 weeks after the wedding… 🙂

Wedding photography by Tony Ku, Austin Wedding Photographer, Ku Photography LLC

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