At the end of every year, I go  through the rituals of going through all the files in the current year and backing them up on DVD’s and HD’s.  Every now and then I found files that are just left on the drive that I didn’t bother to post or process.  This year, it was the SxSW ’08 files.  A friend and a great photographer from San Francisco/Oakland,  Matt Kim, came down to photograph Nadia and Khalil’s wedding – if you want to see it, it’s on our regular site (in Portfolio above) during SxSW weekend.  Matt is an avid music fan, I think he’s got 4000 CD’s.  Anyway, he flew down on Wednesday and we hung out for two days before we went and photograph Nadia’s wedding – so here are a few images from our silliness (Hazel, my wife, was off in Czech Republic/Hungary and other boring European countries with her UT MBA class, so she didn’t go with us 🙂 )


We went to EMO’s the first night on Thursday, I believe this is Be Your Own Pet band….

The “official” photographers of the SxSW.

The next day we went to the UT Art Museum on campus….

Matt the wise man…

Matt wanted to visit the FROG, the famous frog mural next to UT.  So we went there (and after another trip to a barbecue place….), a couple of girls came up and wanted Matt to take pictures of them in front of the frog with their polaroid, so Matt obliged.  Matt was telling them that they need to get it signed by him cuz he’s awesome!  🙂   I actually like this picture a lot, i don’t know why – maybe it’s because the girls were so camera unaware and the expression on their faces as they wait for the polaroid to develop…..

Matt doing the Asian pose….


After two days of that, we went to Nadia’s wedding – here’s Nadia (her award winning images from WPJA this year):

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