Date: January 24th, 2009

Wedding Ceremony: Parents’ house

Wedding Reception: Trevisio  in Houston, Texas


Gina and Jack have already gotten married in January 24th, 2008 in , exactly one year ago.    In fact, they were engaged in January 24th, 2007! 🙂

Their first reception took place in Taiwan 2 days later, so Gina and Jack wanted to do something for their friends in the USA THIS year.  The day started off with a Vietnamese/Chinese tea ceremony, followed at night with a reception in the Trevisio.  Since today is Chinese new year, I’ll put more than the usual number of images that I normally do for sneak previews (and to show more of the ceremony).


Gina getting ready….

That’s actually two diamonds on the eye lashes….


The groom arrives with his family and friends with gifts and they had to get permission to enter the house.  After that, the groomsmen gave the presents to the bridesmaids.

Jack’s father and Gina’s uncle lit the “unity” candles.

Incense is lit for prayers for each parents.

The parents from each side gave Gina and Jack gifts.

The tea ceremony begins…. (and yes, it’s very short :))

Guests came up with “red envelopes” which contains something green inside (usually :))

Now sure what Jack is doing here….. 

Trevisio is located in the medical center and outside of that is a humongous waterfall….  took me a while to convince the groomsmen to hold hands like that to create the sillhouette…

We tried to balance the ring on each of the heads but the heads bobbled! 🙂  Had to put it on Jack’s head instead….

Gina ended up changing into 3 dresses in the reception…….

A few cake smashing sequences…..

Where did it go?


Congratulations (again!) Jack and Gina!  Pictures coming in 2 weeks……

Wedding photography by Houston wedding photographer Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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