Date: May 15th, 2010

Ceremony and Reception: The Omni Mandala Hotel at Las Colinas, Dallas, TX

Gita and Srinivas tied their knot at the Omni Mandalay Hotel after 2 days of celebration.  They’re both doctors (Gita has one year of residency left in Pediatrics in Houston and Srini is an attending neurosurgeon in Philadelphia).   From Gita about how they have met:

My best friend in the whole world got married last March. Srini and I met at their wedding and hit it off immediately. I was drawn to him even the first day and found myself coming up with excuses to talk to him or be near him (he says it was the same for him- hmmmmm). Anyway, we lived in different cities but started visiting each other as much as we could because within the first few times of being together, we knew we were soulmates.

It is difficult to come up with a blog post for an Indian wedding ceremony due to the complexity of the events.  The day starts off at 6 am in the morning, they got married at exactly 10:11 a.m in the morning (which would be evening in India – it’s astrological time).   Srini then ties a golden thread with a small coin around Gita’s neck (that’s the equivalent of a “ring” in western ceremonies).  The couple then plays a couple of games and walks around the fire as well as taking 7 steps together.  Then, they go outside and “point” at a star (in India time this would be 2-3 a.m in the morning).  The entire ceremony took about 6 hours to complete.  The couple then held a reception in the same hotel at night.

The talented Ashley Langford came by to help me out for the groom’s part as well as the ceremony.  He did an awesome job and some of the images below are taken by him for Ku Photography LLC.

Here are some highlights of their day:

The groom side played a game where Srini is supposed to go off to Kashi and the bride’s “brother” tries to stop him by telling him that he’d like him to stay and meet and marry his sister…

Behind the curtain – they’ll meet for the first time and put a paste on each other’s heads – that’s when they get married, officially, at 10:11 am.

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Srini’s mom participates in a dance performance for the couple.

Gita’s medical school friends (all doctors) performs…..

Congratulations to Gita and Srini!  What an amazing wedding!

Dallas wedding photography by Ku Photography LLC

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