Date: May 13th, 2010

Event: The Mehndi at Private Residence, Dallas, Texas

Two doctors in love.

Gita works as a pediatrics resident in Houston and Srinivas is an attending  neurosurgeon in Philadelphia.   Srinivas (Srini) brother married her best friend and they met last March at their wedding.

The wedding takes place over 3 days – the first day is the Mehndi where Gita gets her hands and feet beautifully painted in decoration and the parents meet.  The second day is the Sangeet Party, which is a pre-wedding ceremony.  The third day is the wedding day, where the couple will have a traditional South Indian/Telugu wedding ceremony.

Here are some pictures of the first day, the Mehndi:

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Gita’s dad, also a doctor, acts as her wedding coordinator and seems like he’s constantly on the phone.

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They had a short ceremony after the parents met:

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Gita’s mom was very emotional throughout the entire three days.

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