Date: June 14, 2008 (my birthday! :))
Location: Austin Texas
Wedding Ceremony: Covenant United Methodist Church
Reception: The Thistle Cafe

What a wedding!  I knew it was going to be interesting because it is my birthday after all 🙂  Another hot day in Texas (around 98-100F).  I got a feeling when I met Drew and Heather that they were pretty good dancers. 

Found this image during Heather’s getting ready coverage.  I really like this image because of the pattern and the variety of crosses on the wall (i think there were a few hundred of them), then of course, the cross on the desk provided the foreground.

I like church weddings for the sillhouettes 🙂  Drew entering the ceremony….

Heather and Drew played a really nice slideshow for the guests to enjoy in the beginning of the ceremony.  I knew she couldn’t wait to get out there and caught her looking through the window at the slideshow with her maid of honor and mom 🙂

This is the moment i like the most – Drew’s reaction to Heather as she enters the ceremony:

And of course, Heather’s reaction as she sees Drew for the first time

Nice moment during the ceremony after lighting candles…

After doing the formals and about to enter the car, found this nice shaft of light…  right by the church entrance

The highlight of the reception is the first dance!  It started off normally….

Then it turn into a variety of dances – Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, and InSync 🙂 

This is obviously Thriller….

Awesome wedding and a kick-butt first dance!  Congratulations Heather and Drew!

Wedding photography by Tony Ku / Ku Photography llc, Austin wedding photographer


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