1.  What is the most interesting wedding you have ever photographed?

Yours, of course!  🙂    All weddings are unique and different.

If I had to pick one, I’d say it’s Nathalie and Alex’ wedding – because it’s the first wedding that I have three of our brides there who got married in consecutive years, at the same wedding/reception:

That’s Ashley, Tony, Nathalie and Katie.  Photo taken by Hazel

We met Katie in 2007 for her wedding to Nathan at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden in 2008:

Nathan’s sister is Nathalie, and Nathalie introduced us to her friend Ashley who got married to Jimmy in 2009:

Nathalie then contacted me in January 2010 about her wedding – she humbled me by asking me what my availability dates were and since we’re booked early part of May, she had her wedding on the 22nd of May of 2010 to Alex:

Since over 70% of our business came from direct referrals, it’s not unusual to see our former clients at a current wedding, but it is definitely different to see all three brides (and their husbands too) at the same wedding.

2.  “Do you process your images to that, yellow color or maybe red?   I don’t know what to describe it…. but do you know what I mean?”

We get this one a lot.  The simple answer is no, we do not do this for wedding images and for good reasons.

Let me demonstrate some of the recent new “trends” in processing.   We’ll use a photo from a 5 year anniversary shoot 3 years ago, Dana and Jon.  And if Jon looks familiar to you, it’s because he was pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays.  We’re going to use one of their photos for a demonstration.

The original image is the color version, the right side is a simple B&W conversion of the same color photo:

Now, the current trend of processing yields something like these from other photographers in the Austin area:

Upper left – a high fashion look with extreme tonal shift – note the blown highlights (think of wedding dresses that you can’t see details).   Lower left – a lot of photog do this – a “vintage” look by yellowing the photo.  Lower right – another “vintage” look, this time by adding red.    Upper right – I honestly don’t know why this is, it’s a combo of vintage yellow with heavy glow.

These and their variations are currently really hot  (check out latest wedding blogs and you’ll see it everywhere) – and in 5 years they won’t be.  If your wedding photos look like this today, I can guarantee you in just 2-3 years you’ll regret it.  By then, the trend will move to a different look and your photos will look very dated.  And once you get these files, you cannot change it back to the original color version.  Simply impossible.  It takes just one click to create these images but it’s impossible to reverse them.

While we might do some of these processing techniques for portraiture where you’re expected to have a trend, we don’t do this for wedding images because they need to last.  The only thing that should be dated in your wedding images should be the way people dress, not because the photographer decides to spray it with nasty yellow.   I would want you look at your wedding images 10 years from now and love it as much as the day we photographed them, and not wonder why your dress became yellow or red….

3. Do you offer a second photographer?

A second photographer is available depending on your wedding coverage needs.   For some weddings, a second photographer would complement the coverage.  Keep in mind that the second photographer is there to assist the primary photographer (Tony) only.   They are not there to replace the primary photographer.

Depending on the wedding, we typically deliver about 95-98% of the images from Tony and 2-5% from the second photographer if the second photographer is there.

We do have an assistant to help out at weddings but their role is not second shooting.

4.  What is your style of photography?

If you read this far, check out our images to know more.   We describe the style in the ABOUT section as well.

5.  Can you hold the date for our wedding?  Can you tell us whether someone else is interested in the date?

We can only hold the date with a signed contract and a paid retainer fee.   We really can’t track every inquiry and let you know if someone else is interested in the date.

6.  Do you use models on your portfolio?

This has unfortunately happened a few times with some local photographers who are new to the business.  Every one of the wedding images on our site are real wedding or portrait clients.  Sometimes we’ll photograph a friend for fun but those will be clearly indicated but they are not models.  I know some of our clients look really great on their wedding day and a few of them have been mistaken as models by even their parents’ friends 🙂    But they are real couples getting married and we feel blessed to be part of their day.   We have a client from 4 years ago who is a model but she hired us for her wedding, so she is a client.

I simply take it as a compliment when people tell me that “They look like models!”   They are not, they simply look beautiful because it is the happiest day of their lives.   In fact, during our meeting with clients in 2010 we had a price list with Nathalie and Alex’ photo on it, and people kept remarking “this image looks like a magazine photo!”.   Well, check out INFO above and under PRESS, it just became a magazine photo in the Fort Bend Focus magazine (Sugarland, Texas)!    The other couple who got complimented when people look at their example album also appeared in D Weddings (Monica and David).

7.  How does your engagement session work?

We consult with the couple about what makes them unique – what speaks to you , what do you like to do on your day off, what identifies who you are.  Then we create an engagement session locations schedule to try to fulfill it.  We have clients who love the outdoors, or they love to ride their bikes, their dog (who doesn’t love dogs???!!!), etc.  There are plenty of Austin places for great engagement photography.    You can see a great variety of them in the engagements above.

8.  How does your bridal session work?

Bridal sessions are a bit more complex because it is usually on a very tight time schedule – your dress is ready and you need to photograph and then get it cleaned up and ready for the wedding.  With that in mind, it’s entirely up to you about how comfortable you are with the dress.  We can definitely do outdoor portraits at a location of your choosing (some will incur additional location fees from the venue) but we definitely need a rain plan in place in case the location isn’t ideal if the weather does not cooperate.   For example of a bridal session, we have a few listed in the gallery.

9.  Wait, I thought you photograph as a wedding photojournalist, you pose?

Yup. 🙂   For bridals and engagements we do definitely try to get a certain number of images that might be posed.   They usually aren’t overly complicated.

For wedding day it’s entirely different – the time limitation is there as well as the pressure – we have a lot of those examples in the gallery under bridals section as well for wedding day portraits.

However, for 95% of the day on the wedding day, we don’t pose anybody unless we’re asked to.  Other than family portraits, wedding party formal portraits, and you two lovebirds, we do not pose at all.  Everything is real and on the fly.  The best moments and photos are often the unexpected ones.

10.   Alright, that’s enough questions!  How do I go ahead from here?

We’d love to sit down or talk to you over phone to get to know you and your fiancé!   Simply contact us above and we’ll get the process started.

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