Photographer Consultation


One on One Consultation

Due to the overwhelming number of questions we get through emails about photography from aspiring photographers local to Austin, we are now offering a consultation service.  It is $250 per hour with 2 hours minimum and you can ask us anything you want, from equipment questions, to shooting, to lighting, etc.    We’re going to share our knowledge that we gained through years and tens of thousands of dollars of education and experience.

If you have sent us a contact form and asked photography questions, chances are, you won’t receive a reply – those goes into our leads system and we only respond to inquiries for potential clients.  Please use email.



We shoot Canon DSLRs and SLRs (film) with a lot of lenses.   Cameras are just tools – I also shoot a Panasonic GF1 (small micro 4/3 camera) some times along with a Fuji X100.   We also have an assortment of flashes ranging anywhere from $70 to $1500.  It is easy to focus on equipment as way to photograph better, but believe me, equipment has nothing to do with photography other than it is a tool.  After a great meal at a restaurant, do you go to the chef and ask him/her what oven she uses?  Of course not.  It’s how we use our tools that set us apart, not what tools you use.


Second Photographers, Assistants, etc.

So you want to be a wedding photographer?   Great!  However, that is not what second photographers are for.  They are there to provide an additional service for the clients and not to gain experience.

We are not actively looking for a second photographer at the moment.  Unlike other studios in the area, we do not bring inexperienced photographers to weddings and call them second shooters.   There is no point for an inexperienced photographer at a wedding, they simply get in the way.   We do, however, have needs for assistants every now and then.   Let me know if you’re interested in being an intern/assistant.  You will not be shooting for the first 3-4 times until I know you well as an assistant/intern.

We are looking for second photographers in Dallas and Houston as periodically we do have weddings in those areas.

All second photographers and assistants are required to sign a work-for-hire agreement with Ku Photography.


Here is one of my favorite questions through email and our official answer:

“I would love to photograph weddings!  It sounds like a great job and to travel and meet new people and only have to work on weekends!”

First of all, we don’t “only have to work on weekends”.   Here is a complete break down of one regular 8 hour wedding in terms of time and commitment:

Total time spent per wedding at Ku Photography

That’s right, photo editing can take up to 50% of the time.  The actual time photographing the wedding is small – in fact, it will take longer interacting with the clients on album design than the actual photography.  It is not uncommon to work 80 hours a week during peak season.




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