What is your style of photography?

You have a lot of choices for a photographer at your wedding.  It can be a very daunting task – how do you select the right one?  Instead of trying to describe our style, let us tell you why we are wedding photographers or portrait photographers.  It is at the core of what our style is, and how we photograph.

We believe that a photograph is more than just a beautiful or pretty photo of yourself or you and your fiance/fiancee.

We believe a photograph is more than just capturing a moment or preserving it for future generations.  All photographs are snapshot in time, so they’ll all have a moment to them, even in a portrait.

We believe that a photograph conveys feelings and emotion. You should be able to look at your wedding photos or your portrait photos from 10 years ago and have the same emotion you have, and more, on the split second it was photographed.  You should be able to even look at other wedding photos from other people and get at least a sense of how they feel.  Therefore, a photograph should be as authentic and real the day you experience it, as the day you view the photo 10 years from now.

That is, in essence, why we are wedding photographers and photograph the way we do.  We want you to laugh at your offbeat moments, cry when you look at your photograph of your dad walking you down the aisle, hug your husband when you see a photo of him looking lovingly at you, smirk at that crazy uncle of yours as he dances, and jump with joy when you realize that after 10 years, you still love your husband just as much as the day you married him.

People may call it wedding photojournalism, but that is simply why we photograph the way we do.

Now we will talk about how we get there at your wedding or portrait session.

On a wedding day, for the most part, we photograph without posing.  Literally, most of the images you see on our website and our blog are unposed – they are events and moments that are photographed in time.  But a wedding is more than just that – it is also a time to photograph how stunning you look on your day.  That is where portraiture comes in.  Our portraits are very natural, we may pose you a bit, or we may not.  Bottom line is, we want you to feel comfortable so that the photo reflects you and not what we want you to be.

We get this a lot during a consultation as clients flip through sample albums:  “Wow!  You have a lot of beautiful brides!”   It’s not that we seek beauty, it is simply their beauty exudes from the images that we capture.  We try our best to let their mood (happiness) to be shown naturally.

The beauty is in their moments.

So other than the time we set aside for portraiture and family formal photos, the rest of the day is documented without interruption.  We want you to have an authentic experience on your wedding day and not a staged one as much as possible.

That is in essence how we approach your day.

However, the style of photography is more than just how the photograph is taken.  It is also what the photograph is.    The only way you’ll truly know our style is to look through several complete weddings.  We have a very distinctive look in the images particularly in the moments that we go after.  As you browse the images, you will note each wedding looks very different – there is no list of  “must have” images because every wedding’s moments are uniquely different and stunning in their own way.

When we photograph your wedding, we strive to show the best of your day in your own uniqueness and beauty.  Our goal is to capture those rare moments that only you will have and no one else does.   It is a huge challenge at each wedding – and I LOVE challenges!  It is also a skill that many claims to do, but only a few can achieve it.   It’s our goal at every wedding to not just meet but to exceed the clients’ expectations.

So now you know why we are photographers, how we will document your day, as well as overall style, it is time to connect!  Click the Contact Us button and let’s get to know each other.  We will also send you a few complete weddings to view and highly  encourage you to look at complete weddings from other photographers so that you get a better sense of our ability to capture moments throughout the entire day.

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