Houston Yacht Club Wedding

Nathalie and Alex, Married on May 22nd, 2010, Houston Yacht Club, La Porte, Texas

“This photo we love because it seems so calm and contemplative and there is no one else around.  It reminds of the importance and the joy of that day and it really looks like we are joining together.” “This photo reminds us of just how much fun that day was, surrounded by everyone that we love.  As…

Mansion at Judges' Hill Wedding

Ashley and Jimmy, Married June 13th, 2009, Mansion at Judges’ Hill, Austin, Texas

“My photographer is a BADASS!”   -written by Ashley on her Facebook wall after she has seen the slideshow (quote used with permission) “My dad and I were trying our hardest not to cry, so it was easier if we didn’t look at each other while we were waiting to walk down the isle. I…

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

Page and Wes, Married August 7th, 2010, Four Seasons Hotel

“What a perfect photo to symbolize the reception!  We wanted everyone out on the dance floor dancing to Memphis Train. We contemplated taking a dancing class, but ended up practicing right before entering the ceremony. We were swept away with the rest of the wedding preparations to take a dancing class. We had no idea…

Arlington Hall at Lee Park Wedding

Monica and David, Married May 23rd, 2009, Arlington Hall at Lee Park

“Thank you for the beautiful prints of our wedding. I can’t wait to have them framed and displayed so we can look at them all the time! We still receive compliments on our wedding photography. Thank you for creating such special memories for us in all of the moments you captured throughout the day.” -Monica and…

Fairmont Hotel Wedding, Sheraton Hotel Wedding

Ruchi and Ankit, Married May 1st, 2010, Sheraton Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas

“We love this picture! It was towards the end of the night of the reception, and we had been dancing like crazy the whole weekend. This picture is a testament to the entire weekend, and we love that you can see how much fun everyone was having! We also like it because it captures our…

Stephen F Austin Hotel Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Mike, Married September 12th, 2009, Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas

“This picture captures the pure joy and elation Mike and I felt that after 5 years of dating, we were finally married and ready to celebrate!!!” “This picture shows Mike looking at me and my dad coming down the aisle. I will never forget that moment– Mike is not an emotional person, but watching the…

Houston Wedding Photography

Jenny and Johnnie, Married September 25th, 2010, Houston, Texas

“Taking the next step” is captured quite literally in this photo (I also love that the shot gives a subtle hint of the location in the city of Houston).  Johnnie is the playful one, climbing to the top and seemingly out of reach.  The impeccable framing of the scene, to me, is a gentle reminder that love and marriage…

The Allan House Wedding

Thao and Michael, Married March 14th, 2009

“We want to thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding. When we started planning our wedding, our friends advised us to get a great photographer, and that the cost of a photographer ends up being priceless. Wow, they were absolutely right. Your photos helped us relive our special day, and they really…


Wendy and John, Married May 16th, 2009
Saint Mary Cathedral

“We love the capitol picture because it reminds us of how much fun we had on our fantastic photo shoot in the rain in downtown Austin.  That trip around downtown was so unique to our wedding day, and we will never forget how much fun we had.  We were so happy to capture a few…

Bastrop Wedding Photo

Ann Marie + Joel, Married April 25th, 2009, Calvary Episcopal Church, Bastrop, Texas

“This picture, more than any other, captures Joel and my personalities. I’m the hyper, effusive one. Joel is the calm, collected one. In this picture, we’re leaving the ceremony. Hair flying, I am waving goodbye to the guests and simultaneously summoning forth my noble steed (a.k.a my new husband). Meanwhile, Joel, with a self-satisfied, content grin…