Page and Wes, Married August 7th, 2010, Four Seasons Hotel

“What a perfect photo to symbolize the reception!  We wanted everyone out on the dance floor dancing to Memphis Train. We contemplated taking a dancing class, but ended up practicing right before entering the ceremony. We were swept away with the rest of the wedding preparations to take a dancing class. We had no idea how our “first dance” would turn out. We were captivated by the crowd and music to dance the night away! Friends and family all asked if we took a dancing class. We love the angle of this picture to portray Wes dipping me. We love the sparkle of my dress and the lighting on the dance floor. My smile illustrates how ecstatic I was to be Mrs. Wesley Rogers. The band in the background is perfect to show how happy we were to dance to “At Last”. We will treasure this photograph for years to come!  A picture is worth a thousand words and we tried our best to show we feel when we look at this portrait. Thank you, Tony, for capturing the details from our blessed wedding day!”

“We love this picture from the wedding ceremony! Everyone tells us we didn’t stop smiling the entire ceremony. This picture captures every detail from our moment on the altar. By looking at this portrait, you can see how thrilled I was when Wes was saying his vows while putting my wedding band on my finger. The archway in the background with the blue accent makes the picture shine. I like how blissful I look on the altar. By looking at the portrait, you can tell I’m looking straight into Wes’ eyes and feeling like a princess! This intimate portrait makes the wedding ceremony seem it’s just the two of us in the church. Wes makes me happy and this portrait exudes happiness!”

-Page and Wes, Married on August 7th, 2010 at the University Christian Church on University of Texas’ campus, with reception following at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas

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