Jenny and Johnnie met each other in Las Vegas, and as Johnnie puts it: “Somethings just don’t stay in Vegas…”  There is actually a really funny story about it, but I’ll wait until the wedding day blog if it’s revealed in a toast 🙂

Jenny is actually in NYC right now and Johnnie owns a farm just north of Houston.  They came down to Austin and we did an engagement session and even stopped by a cool restaurant in the area, La Condesa – Jenny picked it herself, as she’s big into food in general and turns out to be a great place for some interesting portraits.

Here are a few images from their session:

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When you see an outdoor lounge chair in the middle of the street in downtown Austin, you know you have to get a photo….

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The playful couple will be married in Houston in September and I look forward to their big day!!


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