Date:  June 20th, 2009

Ceremony:  Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Reception:  City Place, Dallas, TX

We know Joanne and Joe from over a year ago at Joe’s brother, James and his sister-in-law Adele’s wedding.  Joe and James are two of the best dancing groom/groomsmen that we have ever photographed at that wedding 🙂   We knew whatever plans they have for their wedding, it’ll be unique and exciting, particularly the reception.

They were so nice that when we arrive in Dallas on Friday night, Joe called me up and invited me to go to their rehearsal dinner at home and sample some authentic Filipino cuisine.  Thank you!!

Here are some of the images of their day – The groom and groomsmen are wearing traditional Filipino clothing, with orange shirts inside the white shirts – the bridesmaids are dressed also with traditional colors.

Chanel for kids?  I wouldn’t recognize the brand but this image is done by Hazel 🙂







Joanne and Joe have three children and they started to dance as soon as the music in the limo starts to play 🙂







Joanne has really amazing and exotic eyes when I met her a few months before the wedding so I knew we’ll definitely have to do a few photos that emphasizes her eyes.





They did a great job in planning the wedding.  We covered the wedding for 10 hours, out of which about 1 1/2 hours were portrait session with the bride and groom and since the guests aren’t in the reception area (they had a separate cocktail hour area for the guests), we were able to take some detail shots of the room, etc. before the guest comes in to greet Joanne and Joe.  City Place offers a spectacular view of Dallas, TX itself.  You may notice the flan/pudding table 🙂   (I’m a real sucker for puddings/tapiocas, etc.)







Joanne is from Hawaii and so they had the girls perform a Luau for the guests.. awesome!!


These little girls must be wondering “Why didn’t *I* do the luau too?”





This image makes me smile every time I see it.














This is Adele and James at their best 🙂    I almost didn’t recognize James because of his long hair.




Congratulations to Joanne and Joe!!

Dallas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC.

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