Aug.19 2009

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I had the pleasure of working with Josh Abbott and his country music band from Lubbock, TX about a month ago in Round Rock, TX.   His manager, Bruce at KB Talent, got married last year on April 12th with Kelley that I photographed their wedding and asked me if I wanted to do a photo session for the band for their new CD cover. 

The whole session was about Round Rock and Brushy Creek – they took me to places that I didn’t know existed.  They wanted some sceneries for the cover to along with some portraits of the band.


This is THE round rock that gave the name to the town Round Rock, TX (where I live)  I have driven by this round a couple of times throughout the year and never thought much about it (it’s on Brushy creek on the west side of Round Rock), I just thought it was a weird looking rock in the middle of the creek!


We also snuck out to a railroad track somewhere…..


The band wanted to do a jump shot (except Josh)



This is “the” Brushy Creek.   

In the new song he wrote, the “round rock” is actually where they sit – it’s Brushy Creek near his girlfriend’s grandfather’s house.   It’s actually a really great location for portraits particularly late afternoon when the whole place is lit up with some really nice light.


Can’t wait for the new CD Josh!!


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