Wedding Date: January 17th, 2009

Wedding ceremony and reception:  Private residence, Houston, Texas


This is our first wedding of 2009!  Kathy is a sister of Melissa, one of our brides from 2007.  She is also, a triplet of Melissa and Lori.   We met Kathy and Buddy at Melissa’s wedding.  The wedding took place at Buddy’s parents’ new house in Houston, Texas – it was a mixture of different styles throughout the entire house.  Different themes and decor emphasizes the parents life experiences, as well as their personality.  What an awesome place for a wedding!


Here are the sneak previews:

Mirrors are your friend….

Moment between Kathy and Melissa:


I’m usually not this mirror obsessed (that’s Hazel’s obsession in getting ready!) but when I saw these two mirrors at the salon, I knew possibility exists for some interesting images and hopefully, to get a triple/triple (three sisters and their reflection in a moment.  The bridesmaid in the middle is Jamie, Kathy on the right, Melissa on the left and Lori on the far left.  Took me a while to line them up and then just prayed for a great expression that Kathy delivers.


A quiet moment between mom and daughter as the limo leaves the Omni hotel – i think mom is tearing up…


Hazel took this image as they’re coming down the stairs to the wedding ceremony inside the home of Buddy’s parents.  We love this image because while dad is laughing, Kathy is crying.  Weddings are always bittersweet right before the ceremony.

Gotta love it when the groom cries!


Buddy’s adorable son after the ceremony.

The best part about doing a wedding inside a house is that whoever the parents invites are going to be close friends and family.  There is just an intimacy that you don’t get in a wedding venue.  First dance, with Buddy’s parents on the right looking on.

I always like bouquet toss and the competition… 

…especially when everyone misses right in front of them….  they were real close too.


Gorgeous house/mansion with the gorgeous bride and groom!


Congratulations Kathy and Buddy!  Wedding pictures coming in 2 weeks!


Houston wedding photography by Hazel and Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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