Date: May 30th, 2009

Ceremony and Reception:  Private residence in Kingsland, TX


A river/lake.  A speedboat.  An antique car.  Texas A&M and Baylor University.  The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre location (now a restaurant?).


Just a few things in Kimber and Jeff’s wedding in Kingsland, Texas!

We met last August and also did their engagement session last November and couldn’t wait for their wedding in May.  It takes place at Jeff’s parents’ lake house in Kingsland, TX.


If there is anything as a grooms’ commitment to the bride, here it is.  This is Jeff about 4 hours before the ceremony, trying to put up the chandelier and building the tent that they had rented.  Jeff’s family is in construction, so I always thought about this image as how Jeff is going to build Kimber a tent (and the chandelier :)).

While Jeff is worried about all that….



After Kimber puts on her shoes, we headed out to do some formals and portraits of her and her bridesmaids.   Jeff’s father, Wayne, owns a really sweet red antique car so we did a few images there.  Then we headed out to a train/caboose place near where they filmed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original movie location (now a restaurant) and did a few images there as well.  Her maid of honor, Laura, helped me out on holding my off camera flash for me at the caboose location, thanks Laura!






Unfortunately Kimber’s father Rodger is in the hospital so he couldn’t be there with her.  The families hooked up video conferencing to her dad’s hospital so that he can view the ceremony.

Kimber’s brother Jim, substituted for her dad:






They took off on a speedboat after the ceremony….





They had an A&M flag, a Baylor flag along with a US flag in the middle – I waited for a long time for wind but not happening.  This is the tent that Jeff was building earlier.


Emotional toast by Kimber’s dad from the video conferencing…






Obviously this is the Aggies…..


Meanwhile the UT fans can’t help themselves….







Congratulations Kimber and Jeff!  Pics are online at (click on Client Proofs).


Texas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC.

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