Date: July 25th, 2009

Wedding ceremony and reception:  Lauren’s parents’ private residence in Belton, TX

We met Lauren through her mom, Robin, who was referred to us by Kay, Melissa (one of our clients from 2007)’s mom in Houston early this year in January.  Lauren is studying medicine and Brian is working as a mechanical engineer in Houston.   I always like weddings in a private residence for two reasons – it’ll be very intimate and whoever are invited are close friends and family since it’s their home – so the atmosphere is always different than in a wedding venue and provides a different challenge for me to show that closeness with family members other than on the dance floor.

We were also doing a bridal/portrait session for Lauren and Brian on the day after their wedding in Temple, TX – that will be shown on the next post.

When we first arrived at her house, we noticed a lot (and I mean a lot) of kittens 🙂


















Love this image that Hazel took – Brian’s mom crying and getting emotional in the wedding, his grandpa though is having a lot of fun it seems 🙂





There were no dancing or first dance (but that will change in the next post for the day after session – I did have them dance then :)), just people having fun and relaxed moments.  This presented some interesting challenges for me – I really like crazy dancing scenes and I have no problem photographing those while other photographers have a hard time with the dance shots.  For this wedding, I simply concentrated on the interaction of the guests with Lauren and Brian, as well as just quirky or interesting expressions and moments.


















Congratulations Lauren and Brian!   Bridal/portraits on the next post in a day or so….


Texas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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