Date: June 21, 2008
Ceremony: Central Presbyterian Church (Houston, TX)
Reception: Kim Son Restaurant (Houston, TX)

Mei-mei and BIlly are a cute couple from Houston, Texas.  They booked us earlier in the year without meeting with us – simply by talking on the phone and getting to know one another.  They came down to Austin, Texas for their engagement session which is basically a couple shoot with their wedding clothes on (traditional Asian style weddings, the couple display the photo of themselves in the wedding gowns/tuxes they’re going to wear on the day of the wedding, AT the wedding).  They were cool and sort of goofy in person, which means only one thing – a fun wedding! 🙂

Here is the sneak preview…

I think the advantage of having a male photographer in the room, is that, the bride would cover herself
up, and then do the bra toss… 🙂

I really like this image – Mei-mei having a nice moment for herself in the midst of the chaos of getting ready after she’s dressed.

We normally do these bride-only images at the bridal session but we just found the piano at where she was getting ready – Hazel posed her against the piano and  shot the image.

Just a funny moment in the ceremony when the officiant gave them a telephone as a wedding gift as a means for "communication" 🙂

One of the many toasting images – Mei-mei changed into a traditional Korean dress (she also did the same in the vietnamese/qipao dress as well with her side of the family) for Billy’s side of family.

This shot is self explainatory 🙂

Not sure why everyone’s covering up their ears 🙂

Billy’s bro/best man doing the split (the guy can really dance!)

So could Mei-mei 🙂

Congratulations guys!

Wedding photography by Ku Photography LLC, Houston Wedding Photographer

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