Date: October 18, 2008
Ceremony and Reception Location: Chapelle des Fleurs, Flower Mound, Texas

We first met Melissa and Matt on a cold November night last year – she found us online and drove down to meet with us while she was visiting Matt who works in Austin. We hit it off and she was one of my clients that booked us almost 1 year in advance. Melissa is a wedding photographer in Dallas – it’s always cool to work for other photographers 🙂

Melissa working on her mom 🙂

Reaction of the bridesmaid to Melissa and she’s getting dressed. I have to say, i really like red as a color for bridesmaid dresses.

Melissa and Matt decided to meet before the wedding and this is his reaction to Melissa

The chapel itself was dark late in the afternoon but there are just spots of bright lights on the aisle.

The moment AFTER the kiss (yup, Matt dipped her over :)) I always like the moment after the kiss better thant he kiss itself – usually there are better expressions afterwards.

You know when the kids are this excited in the wedding, the party is just getting warmed up!

The groomsmen were some of the best dancers I have seen 🙂

There are just humorous moments in every wedding. Everyone is trying to catch the boquet except the woman on the right 🙂

Singing “Sweet Caroline”….

Getting um, “spammed” by the rose petals… 🙂

Congratulations Melissa and Matt!!

Dallas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC

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