Michelle and Jeff.  When you view these pictures, you probably figure that they are acrobats?  Stunts performers?   That’s what you’re thinking, right?

They are doctors.   As in MDs.  Michelle and Jeff will get married in a week in Marble Falls and I can’t wait to see what they’re up to on the wedding day.   I am expecting some new techniques in acrobatics at the wedding. 🙂

We started off in the session in November of last year by going to a local hospital where they worked.  Jeff still works there once a month and so we are able to get access to some interesting location at the hospital, followed by visiting their old house in Austin, and then of course, South Austin.


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A little American Gothic in the hospital.

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Don’t you dig Jeff’s expression?

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And yes, it just goes on like this for the entire fun session!   One more week to go!!!


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