Sep.1 2009

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I’m doing a bunch of changes on albums and offerings this week to ramp up for the fall booking season for late 2009 weddings and 2010 weddings.


Amongst the changes is the albums that we offer.  Currently we have two sets of albums, 9×12/12×9/10×10″  with 15 spreads, and the other ones are at 25 spreads for our Artisan line of albums.  

After further study and getting feedback, it turns out that whenever we offer a choice of vertical/horizontal or square formats, 80-90% of our clients choose a square book (which is my favorite anyway, it’s a compromise between the horizontal and vertical).  So, for 2010 (we’ll still have the old set ups for 2009) weddings, I’m now offering two options:


Artisan 10×10″ Book with 15 spreads (30 pages) – 60 images or so.

Artisan 12×12″ Book with 25 spreads (50 pages) – 100 images or so.


Previously both options were only available for 10×10″ dimension, but we have upgraded the larger size book to a “bigger” book as well.  Having them at the same format (square) would also streamline the design process for me.


Here are the books:


This is a sample album from April 5th wedding of this year, Shani and Seth.    This book is 12×12″ in unopened dimension, when it is opened, it goes to a whopping 24″x12″.



It was hard to photograph these on my coffee table because they become a lot bigger when opened.

Compare them with the original 10×10″ format:


The wedding above is from last year’s wedding from Nadia and Khalil’s wedding.

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