Date: April 29th, 2010

Event: Ruchi’s Mehndi

We had the privilege and honor of being part of Ruchi and Ankit’s THREE days wedding celebration from April 29th, 2010 to May 1st, 2010 this year.  It’s an Indian/Hindu wedding that lasts three days.  The first day is the Mehndi, where the bride gets intricate displays of art and symbols on her hand imprinted, the second day/night is the Sangeet Party, a pre-wedding celebration, and finally the third day is the actual wedding itself.

The event took place at Ruchi’s parents house in Dallas, Texas.

The entire Mehndi process takes hours.  It’s an intimate event for family and friends.

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The groom, Ankit and his family arrives…

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Ankit loves making funny faces and told me, no matter what others say, he wants that picture!

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The families gather around and sang songs about the couple:

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More on day 2 in a separate post….

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