Mar.28 2009

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Not quite.  🙂

I am looking for a few senior photography reps for Austin/Dallas high schools, but that will be on  different website/blog.  More on that later.

I have just received my set up of a new lighting rig for outdoor portraits on Friday which includes a beauty dish and a flash head that can pump an incredible amount of power which I need for outdoor use (bright daylight, whatever).  My usual test subject, my wife Hazel, is in Dallas so she wasn’t available, but my parents who are 82 and 72 respectively, are.   I guess it’s called, “senior” senior photography 🙂  It was a quick 5 minute shoot and it was also hard because, well, they’re my parents! 



Then my dog starts to get into the fun…

Dogs are more fun outdoors, so took the rig out and hook up to a battery and did another image 5 feet from the house with harsh daylight.   The flash power is sweet – I can pump enough out of it to overwhelm the sun and darken the sky…

It was fun! (and annoyingly fun to get my dog to stay still)    We have an incredible number of weddings and portraits (engagement, etc) in April and May (9 weddings and 5 sessions so far) so it was fun to take a small break at end of March and try out new ways of using light for outdoor/indoor purposes.  We’ll be using this rig for outdoor weddings or portrait session that doesn’t require moving around (the total weight is about 60 lbs or so on a cart, so it’s not very portable).  

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