Date: November 7th, 2009

Ceremony:  The Dallas Arboretum

Reception: The Adolphus Hotel


I recall it was about a year ago when Stephanie called me about her upcoming wedding in Dallas Texas – she was in Tennessee at the time.   She said that she’d like to keep the number of people under 40 and can be anywhere from 20-40 and probably will end up around 25-30 people.  It is going to be an intimate wedding!

As is customary with all of my clients, we send out a wedding information form to fill out about a month before the wedding – she confirmed the number of guests to be 25 and I knew it was going to a really interesting wedding from my perspective as well as the challenges that lie ahead.  In a large wedding, such as 150-300 people, it’s relatively easy to find moments all around you – the challenge there is knowing which one to capture and if a moment is there but you did not capture it, it came often repeat itself later on (lots of people interacting, etc.)  In a small wedding like this, the moments are still going to happen but as a photographer, you have to hit every single one of them as they occur because most likely it won’t be repeated again.

The wedding took place on a beautiful saturday afternoon in the Dallas Arboretum, with the reception in the Adolphus Hotel.  Charlie McRae came by to help out, thanks Charlie!

The day started in the Adolphus hotel, which supposedly is haunted 🙂










































Stephanie graduated from Purdue with a degree in mathematics and so were a majority of her guests.  She was showing me this graph of a probabilistic model of where she and Shayne might have gone when the guests were having cocktails (written by one of the guests :)).  This picture brings back “haunted” memory of mine from my college/high school days in the calculus classes that I really don’t want to remember!




Singing to a spoon and a stalk?





I don’t think Shayne expected it.







Congratulations to Stephanie and Shayne!


Dallas wedding photography by Tony Ku, Ku Photography LLC.

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