Feb.26 2009

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Where: near Aspen Highlands, Aspen, Colorado


We took the lovebirds Tatiana and Ben out for a quick portrait session in the snow.  Since I spend the bulk of the time in Texas, it was really cool just to make some fun images in the snow and in challenging lighting conditions with just a couple of small flashes.  It was so cold that we ended up having to use two small flashes just to match the daylight/ambient lighting conditions, since the batteries don’t seem to charge up the flash to full power in 20 F weather.

I am just testing lights here and all the sudden a cross country skier came by… 🙂

They were so natural, the pics practically makes themselves….

(That’s Aspen Highlands – I was telling Kate (see previous post) that mountain looks hard and she goes: “No it’s not!”  🙂  It’s all relative…)

The sun came out and lit them from behind.  Love the mountain light!

I was in knee deep snow for this image but it was well worth it.  Hazel had it tough as she had to hold two lights in the same condition and have to get it lit behind them a bit (i think it’s a cliff on the other side of the fence).

Some of the best pics is just natural – this is simply her falling down (and she couldn’t get up! :))

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