As I finish editing Jessica and Ryan’s wedding pictures from the Houstonian, it dawned on me that this was the 5th couple that I have photographed from a quick meeting in 2007.   There is that theory of Six Degrees of Separation, where the theory is that everyone is 6 steps away from meeting another person on Earth (i.e. 6 connections away). Well, I am pretty sure I have experienced this in the past 4 years.

Hazel and I met Katie for her wedding in Fort Worth on a cold December night in 2007.  From that one quick meeting, it grew into a four year, multiple-weddings and connections with 7 different families and 5 couples, their weddings, bridals and engagement sessions.

Katie and Nate got married on March 29, 2008 at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden:

Austin wedding photographer captures moments at a Fort Worth Botanical Garden wedding (3)560 votesLove!
Austin wedding photographer captures moments at a Fort Worth Botanical Garden wedding (2)547 votesLove!


This photo below placed #1 in the WPJA Spring contest in 2008 for the category, Reception:

Austin wedding photographer captures moments at a Fort Worth Botanical Garden wedding (1)531 votesLove!


A year later, Ashley and Jimmy got married at the Mansion at Judges’ Hill in Austin, Texas – on June 13th, 2009 (one day before my birthday, remembered it well :)).  She was referred by Nate’s sister, Nathalie, and yes, they had a great reception, one of my best in 2009:

bridal and couple portrait at a wedding at Mansion at Judges' Hill, photographed by Austin wedding photographer531 votesLove!
cake being smashed photographed at Mansion at Judges' Hill at a wedding by Austin wedding photographer Tony Ku551 votesLove!
Couple dancing at Mansion at Judges' Hill wedding photographed by Austin wedding photographer575 votesLove!

That’s Nathalie on the right trying to catch the bouquet (she almost got it as I remember).

Catching the bouquet at a wedding at Mansion at Judges' Hlil, Austin wedding photographer527 votesLove!


I was really surprised when Nathalie called me about her wedding and asked for dates that I am open for her wedding at Houston Yacht Club.   Her wedding was on May 22nd, 2010:

Houston Yacht Club Wedding by Austin wedding photographer563 votesLove!


Houston Yacht Club Wedding photo taken by Austin wedding photographer Tony Ku558 votesLove!

This is Nathalie’s sister who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and made her their wedding cake:

Cake made by the bride's sister at a Houston Yacht Club wedding, photographed by Tony Ku538 votesLove!

This picture placed top 10 in the 2010 WPJA contest for the emotion category:

Houston Yact Club Wedding557 votesLove!

Catching the bouquet – Jessica (being hoisted up) ALMOST got the bouquet, just like Nathalie…   This picture placed top 10 in the reception category of WPJA in 2010 as well:

bouquet catch at the Houston Yacht club wedding photographed by an Austin wedding photographer550 votesLove!

As I drove to Megan and Jonathan’s wedding at her parents private residence on September 10th, 2011, Nate (Megan’s brother) said to me “Sorry, Tony, I ran out of sisters!”    Then Alex, Jessica’s brother, said the same thing to me since her wedding was booked for March of next year.


551 votesLove!

590 votesLove!

526 votesLove!

545 votesLove!

And this year, on March 17th, 2012, Jessica got married to Ryan at the Houstonian – here is one sneak peek image (blog post coming up next!)

Houstonian Wedding photographed by Austin wedding photographer Tony Ku546 votesLove!

Isn’t it amazing?  One meeting in 2007 and resulted in meeting and working with at least 5 great couples and 7 families.   There are actually more connections than this – for example, Kristen of Kristen + Mike knows Jessica from her sorority, both Alex and Nathalie know Wendy and John, and another couple also named Jessica + Ryan knows Ashley and Jimmy (She works with Ashley).   We feel really blessed to be part of all of their days  One meeting and we get to meet and be part of five couple’s one of the  most important days in their lives – what could be better than that??

Jessica and Ryan’s photos, coming up on the next blog post.

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